Canvax is a collection of A.I generated NFTs painting on the Solana Blockchain.

GEN 2 rarity sytem.

Unlike GEN1, GEN2 comes with a rarity sytem determined by the border color of the image.

  • Images without border make up 84% of the collection.
  • Images with black border make up 10% of the collection.
  • Images with silver border make up 5% of the collection
  • Images with purple border are the rarest making up 1% of the collection.

Canvax is bringing the aesthetetic and elegance of the traditional art world to the Solana NFT ecosystem through A.I. Our goal is to consistently produce some of the highest quality art in the NFT ecosystem.

How is the art generated?

All our paintings are produced by a GANs Deep Neural Networks trained on wide a dataset of paintings including cubism, impressionism, pop-art, Ukiyo-e and much more

What is our roadmap?

October 1st 2021

Succesful launch of Deep Paintings, the first GEN of Canvax.

243 NFTS sold out now listed on Magic Eden and Digital Eyes NFT

Mid October 2021

Growing the community through launch of Canvax, the GEN2.

Onboarding of Grape protocal to verify holders and start the royalty scheme.

After GEN2 : Canvax DAO

Add grape verification to Canvax for GEN2 and GEN1 holders to power our organisation as a DAO going forward. Secondary resale royalties will go the DAO treasury wallet.

The goal of the DAO will be to continue to launch high quality art NFTs inititiatives on Solana and would be a place for holders to exchange “alpha”.

The DAO would launch community art that would be made alongside the community and AI expertise of the Canvax team. External artists and contributors are welcome to join to work on specific projects.

The DAO’s revenues will be used to continue to create value for the community going forward, through new projects, giveaways, airdrops etc. For legal reasons no royalties can be redistributed to holders.